Many people have a misapprehension about me; they believe I don’t like Christmas. This even manifested itself in a colleague buying me a T-shirt. Really, it’s simply that I don’t enjoy Christmas.

Some examples:

Enforced / organised “fun” at work.

The insistence that you have to spend it with your family.

The idea that you must buy people gifts, but often end up getting them any old rubbish or novelty item just to get them something. And likewise, receiving things you don’t want or need, just because somebody felt obliged because they’re a relative. (I’m discounting the thoughtful gifts here - those are always appreciated, at any time of year.)

The food. Oh, the (generally terrible) food. As a child I was made to eat dry, overcooked turkey along with Brussels sprouts, the most evil thing ever devised.

The fact that many people use this time of year as an excuse to get absolutely plastered. I’m not a big drinker. I enjoy a drink from time to time, but I’ve never seen the point of daytime drinking, let alone full-on sessions that leave you completely insensible. This then gets inflicted on those around them as they have to endure the drunken antics, shouting, vomiting, and in the worst cases, fights, and so on.

The insane lights and decorations and fairs that exist only to empty people’s wallets.

I like the idea of the “modern Christmas” - that is, (ignoring the religious background of it) spending time with people you like and having a nice time. Having pretty lights and a few decorations is nice, too - a way to cheer things up during the bleak winter months of the northern hemisphere, at least for a little while. I simply get tired of the gaudiness of it all, and people insisting you simply must enjoy this thing, and do this and that.

And on that note, today is Christmas day and it’s nearly noon. Merry Christmas, everyone. Have a lovely day doing things you like with people you love.